Hi, I'm Amy Goldmacher. I'm an anthropologist & user experience research professional.

I love solving business problems and finding opportunities for innovation with good research.

In-depth questioning and careful observation reveal how and why people engage with the world in ways that are meaningful to them.  ​Rigorous analysis provides insights and directional recommendations for product, service and experience design which are more likely to resonate with people – your users, customers and consumers. 

With almost 20 years of applied experience, I have provided qualitative research for product, service, and experience design across industries, including academia, automotive, consumer products, digital places and websites, healthcare, industrial products, and apps.

I'm based in the Detroit Metro Area, and I'm available for local, national or international projects.



By investing in research, the overall cost and risk of big failure is greatly reduced.

Research can be done at any point in the product development lifecycle, so whether you need to explore new markets, need business or strategy direction, or whether you need to measure, test or validate a concept or design, I can help.


I design and lead qualitative research projects from problem framing and planning to execution, analysis, synthesis, and delivery of actionable results.

I partner with individuals and teams to work as part of a broader project team, or I work individually to provide you with the results you need to make business decisions.


Based on the specific project objectives, methods may include:

  • Problem Framing

  • Ethnography

  • Observation

  • Interviewing

  • Contextual Inquiry

  • Focus Groups

  • Shopalongs

  • Stakeholder Mapping

  • Qualitative Usability Tests   

  • Qualitative Concept / Prototype Evaluations

  • Alternative Worlds / Analogous Research

Deliverables may include:​

  • Personas
  • Journey / Experience Maps
  • Insights
  • Recommendations
  • Prioritizations


I also provide custom teaching, training, facilitation, coaching and workshops on methods and best practices in qualitative and ethnographic research.



Interactive Software Manager, Software Design Company

Amy really took our project to another level. We found that she took the time to understand the goals of our project and came through with an analysis that was far beyond our expectations. After 3 weeks of research, Amy was able to bring us an analysis that communicated her findings in a clear manner as well as how it all related to our creative deliverable. Her research provided us with key information that was critical to the end product and not to mention a great tool for client presentations. We look forward to working with Amy again down the line.

Project Manager,

Market Research Company

Dr. Amy Goldmacher helps clients create products that matter. Amy uses well-developed processes to understand the customer and then create meaningful products and services. I’ve worked with Amy on several projects across North America and China. Each time, I was impressed by the deep understanding she gained about the customer segment and the fact-based recommendations she delivered. The results from Amy’s work have a direct and valuable effect on product design, marketing communication and overall market strategy. Dr. Goldmacher’s results provide rich insights about the user experience and help companies WIN in their market spaces.

Business Anthropologist & Research Professor,

Industrial & Systems Engineering Department

Without doubt, she is an expert business and organizational anthropologist with experience in researching complex problems in large global companies. She has a talent for crossing disciplines. She has worked at evaluating the diffusion of new work processes, as a design anthropologist for companies such as IDEO, and as a teacher of business professionals. Amy's work is excellent and adds value to the workplace. And, she is fun to work with!



I've written about anthropological work and careers. My publications include:

NEW! Coming in October, 2020! Designing An Anthropology Career: Professional Development Exercises, Second Edition!

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What people say,

what people do, and

what people say they do are entirely different things.

Margaret Mead,
American Anthropologist

Let's Talk.

I'd love to talk about the challenges you're facing and how research can help! Please send me a message via the form, or you can reach me at ​877-544-8995 or info@amygoldmacher.com

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